Our Mission

To honour and esteem women who are trailblazers, leaders and change makers in their professions and/or their communities

Say That Again!

  • "It is important for women to support each other because when we pool our collective talents, there is not a need on this planet that won't be addressed."

    S. Denice Newton Author, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Host and Founder of Arie'l Rising Network
  • "It is important for women to encourage and empower each other because our roles as mothers, sisters, and aunts are vital to the growth of our society."

    Sabrina Morataya Founder, Mind, Body and Mom
  • There is certainly strength in numbers. ¬†Women working together to help and lift each other can create a force that even if challenged, is greater than the challenge. ¬†There is nothing that cannot be achieved by women who are together and supportive of each other.    

    M. Jones Writer, Wife, Mother

Our 2020 Awards Team

  • Lindsay Ziehl, MBE
    Lindsay Ziehl, MBE Awards Chair

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  • Karen Moore
    Karen Moore Global Event Director

    Karen Y. Moore, is Co-Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer at Be YOUniquely You Global.

  • Tana Bester
    Tana Bester Local Event Coordinator

    Branch Manager, Xl Bay Travel

  • Carrie Mullings
    Carrie Mullings Entertainment Director

    Host/Executive Producer at Rebel Vibez

2020 Awards Committee

Sponsorship Coordinator
Social Media
Media Coordinator
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