Who Can I Nominate For An Award?

You can nominate your friend, a family member, colleague, client, boss, or anyone that you know and feel should be rewarded for who they are or for their achievements  Note:  We will notify the individual by email,  that she  has been nominated for a Women of Essence Award.

What Do I Need To Do To Nominate A Woman of Essence?

To nominate your Woman of Essence, please review our criteria first, and submit your nomination.

How many categories can I nominate an individual for?

We allow ONE category for each nominee. For instance, your nominee cannot be nominated for the Business Award and then again for a Sports Award. This may be something that the Board may change in the future, but for now, ONE nominee for ONE category.

Can I nominate myself?

Of course you can! We encourage women to nominate themselves—be your own champion!

What if the recipient cannot attend the awards ceremony? Will she be disqualified?

While we would love to have you be available to personally accept your awards, we realize that there will be the occasion where a recipient will be unable to travel.  If this is the case, the recipient must notify our office immediately and we will make alternate arrangements for delivery of your award.

Does the number of nominations increase nominee’s chance of winning?

Our award criteria is strictly based on the nominee’s CV and supporting documentation, including references and NOT on the number of nominations she receives.

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