Dr.  Princess Fumi Hancock, an African Princess living in Diaspora is a Life & Business Strategist, Bestselling Author of 21 books, African Oscar Winning Literary Arts Award Recipient, and Host of her Online TV Show, I Am the Princess of Suburbia®  is an expert in her field and we recommend you to check her profile.She has successfully merge her two loves, Writing for the Media Arts  & Advance Nursing when she features on her TV Show, Radio, and on Huffington Post. She’s also a member of the  National Speakers’ Association, where she shares her knowledge of Life & Business Mastery with those on her platform.

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock is a Professional Storytelling Consultant and Trainer, Strategic Transformation and Vision Mentor for Thought leaders, Corporate heads and Entrepreneurs. Her Career Conversion Solutions help people define/ redefine their Dreams and provide the divine tools which draw them to their true calling. For Individuals: helping individuals to live an amazing life by making a difference in the world through their work, their own businesses, or by sharing their thoughts and strategies with the world through books and speaking engagements.For Corporations & Entrepreneurs, she provides consulting services for leaders, entrepreneurs, speakers, and companies worldwide. That is, experts in many fields who want to make a deeper impact on their audiences, customers, management teams, and influential stakeholders. One of her products is about spiritual breakthroughs:

Spiritual Breakthroughs
10 Days Break-the-CYCLE War Room Prayer Mini-Course

7 Days “Break-the-Limits Off” War Room Prayer Challenge
The Power  of Prayer, Meditation, and Manifesting YOU21 Days to Manifest Him to Win!

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock is the Founder and CEO of Storyteller Bistro™, an e-Learning platform that focuses on inspiring, motivating, and equipping Emerging Creative Professionals to Dream Big and Achieve Big. She also created a Tribe, World Changers Sister Tribe, where women tell their stories to heal themselves and others around them. Her recent movie, Fearless Visionaries Tear the Veil(™) was her directorial debut which earned an  African Oscar in Hollywood California.

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