Ronnie Swais launched her first Business at 23. Her Salon and Spa experience lead her to write her first Book – Bridal and Studio Make Up Artistry. Loving writing, she then launched her first print magazine and began producing live events. She launched 2 business networking groups that she sold to begin her Online Magazine. She authored another 2 Books about her magazine, producing a radio & iTV shows, creating media Hubs and influencer Marketing.  After selling her second online magazine, she began to focus on Training and Speaking on the marketing changes effecting small business owners today. She is considered one of the leading Experts in Influencer Marketing and Sponsorships Sales for Entrepreneurs and Authors.

Ronnie has been featured on and in numerous publications, radio and TV shows.

At Face Value Media 

Multimedia Platform & Stats

10 years – Publications / Events Circulation and Live Guests – 15 million attendees, viewers & readers

– Multiple The Canadian Networker (Founder) Print Magazine / Live Events

– Multiple At Face Value Community Print Magazine / Live Events

– Multiple Bridal and Studio Makeup Hard Copy Book

– 50 Ways to Makeup Your Eyes Hard Copy Book / Magazine

– The Big Book of Beauty Print Magazine / Live Events

– Today’s Media Darling is You – Revised Edition coming out soon

– Media Darling Live and Online Conferences

– The Big Book of Beauty Platform

– Krystal Kiss Platform

– B3iTV Network

– Radio show 102.7fm 

-Founder The Influencer Platform 

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