As a child growing up she never would have guessed that she would have ever served as a “missionary” anywhere in America, let alone outside of her Red, White and Blue shores. She is adamant that “if God can use me…He can certainly use you!” HAITI: The After Shocks of Hope is her testament that everybody, no matter their circumstance can do something.

Yolantha Harrison-Pace (of Cherokee, Arapaho and African American descent) was born in Tacoma, Washington, but lived her early childhood in Amarillo, Texas during segregation until her family moved to Champaign, Illinois in 1966. There integration became a part of her everyday life, often just because her family of 7 attended an event or she and one of her 4 brothers were the only African American student in the classroom. This unique legacy of having lived on both sides of the track, segregation and integration, has been influential in her love for and artistic portrayals of her precious home, America. Pace uses her art forms as tools and strategies for supporting her platform of unity through the pursuit of cultural excellence. Her focus group emphasis is under served populations in America and beyond. Yolantha is an advocate for abused family members and advocates especially concerning hate crimes against women and children. She has been a Children’s Ambassador for Haiti since the year 2000. Pace has enlarged her Ambassadorship to now include India, having worked with churches and orphanages in Vizakhapatam and Valleru with her WHO LOVES YA BABY: John 3:16 Performance Arts Program. In addition she has been honored to travel to SINGAPORE and work with the Arts Therapy department at LaSalle University. She is a teaching artist, playwright, poet and author and has had her play THE WHOLE SKY premier at Berea College. Her multitude of writings have gleaned her such honors as Poet of the Year, Book of Poetry of the Year, and won her the personal accolade of Humanitarian Author of the year. Her works have gone international through her postings as an adjunct writer for University of Southern California’s Art Institute for Genetic Medicine. In addition, as an Urban Folk Artist, Pace’s primitive Angel dolls are owned by collectors around the world.

Pace has her AA with Honors degree from Columbia College, her BFA with Honors from University of Texas, Austin and did her Masters work at Penn State University. Her area of study was Theater and the Performing Arts.

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